Treehouse of the Week # 7

The Gypsy Wife

I’m obsessed, obsessed, OBSESSED with this song. It’s so beautiful. The version on his Live in London album is even more special than this one. I can’t believe it took me so long to discover Leonard Cohen . . . I have your Dab and our trip to Bali to thank for that Lissy!


This is my story:

I love lists! I've noticed this fun little format on a few blogs so I'm going to steal it everytime I get the urge to list things :p

Watching: Bromance, Running in Heels. I don't understand why I enjoy Bromance, it's so bad. It creeps me out that fully grown men fight over "one on one" time with Brody Jenner. I watched the entire marathon on sunday : /
Reading: A portrait of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde (slowly but surely)
Listening: Guns n Roses greatest hits, Leonard Cohen live in London, The Doors platinum collection (the best doors CD i've ever heard)
Drinking: St Clair Vicar's Choice Pinot Noir - exactly what I want after work on a cold rainy day.
Wanting: This dress, a return flight to London and a Glastonbury ticket! The line up this year is so good it's just insane. It pains my heart. I can't believe we were actually there two years ago :(
Trying: To be a diligent little journalist and not moan about the ridiculous amount of work I have on at the moment. Oh and keep my new car sparkly and clean!


Interior noms

Aaargh I so hope I find an awesome flat in auckland that I can decorate all pretty like :) well, my bedroom at least. I've been a bit obsessed with decorating blogs lately!

Top 3

Marina & the Diamonds - Obsessions - I don't usually like chicks like this but I like this song :)
The Antlers - Kettering - um this is like the saddest song I've heard in ages, listen to the lyrics, waaaaaaa (why do I like sad songs so much but I'm not sad?? weeeeird :p)
Grizzly Bear - While you Wait for the Others - new album not quiiiite as good as old ones but still <3

A drunk shaman gets a second chance

A couple of months ago I was at Mighty Mighty dressed up as a future shaman (naturally), had drunk far too many wine (naturally) and I bumped into Kelvin Cruickshank of Sensing Murder fame. Me being me, I had to tell him how I loved him, loved the show, loved mediums, and so on. I felt like an utter twit when I remembered the whole cringey display the next morning. But tomorrow is my chance to redeem myself because I’m interviewing him! I wonder if he’ll recall me as the mess in the blue feather headdress and compass claiming to have her own psychic “feelings?” I sincerely hope not. Regardless, I’m well excited about it because I genuinely do love all that stuff. I’m also quietly hoping he might have a couple of messages from the other side for me . . . hmmm…


You really should watch this new clip from Saturday Night Live of Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg singing Mother Lover. because it is AWESOME.
I love how Justin Timberlake is secretly a comic genius. The old sly dog . . .


:D and : /


Narwhals: Whales with heliacal tusks! Some even grow TWO tusks! They are known to use their tusks in battle to reinforce their place in the underwater community. This is called tusking. I’m completely fascinated by the concept of a whale that must SURELY be related to unicorns?!

The Horrors Primary Colours: I can’t get enough of this album. It’s so good (well, it’s totally my “cup of tea” anyway). Thanks to iChild for putting the whole album on her blog so I can listen to it at work!

Cross-dressing: Every morning I find myself dressing like a boy these days. I guess partly because it’s a) freezing and b) looks so fabulous when made a bit girly with heels + accessories etc.

: /

Paying out adults that live with their parents then deciding to move home myself: And I’m an adult too. Hypocrite! Except I have good reasons (surely like everyone else) and my stint of adult-at-dad’s-place-AGAIN will be short this time, I promise!

Charities asking for MORE money: I already give rather generously to Greenpeace each month (well, generous considering I’m not rich) and still they call me to ask for more?! I guess the recession is hitting everyone . . .

Friend requests from strangers: I think it’s a bit weird to request someone you probably wouldn’t say hello to on the street. Being in the same syndicate at intermediate doesn’t count. Nosey bastards.


The Break-up

Oh Wellington.

This is hard. It's not like we've even had a fight, or fallen out of love! it's just...circumstance, but oh the things we've managed to fit in to 1 year and 8 months, 3 flats, 2 jobs, 1 payrise 1 redundancy, 1 funeral (:() 3 weddings, 2 summers, 1 and a half winters, 2 boyfriends (well, one and a half...ish, haha), 2 overseas trips, old friends, new friends, countless gigs and parties and amazing times, times I don't even remember, times I do remember, times I'd rather forget and times I'll never forget (okay, this is getting a bit voiceover-at-the-end-of-a-cheesey-movie-ish so I'll cut it now I think)...photos! oh photos, you're making me teary...

Fake tattoos and fake motorcycle rides

Boat shed drinking, complete with ipod-as-boombox

The Kills!

Spin the bottle and zebra masks


Welcome Takeaways

Aaaw my beautiful twinicorns

Street hanging, aaw miss you already Cuba

The night we formed our band!

I will not miss atrocious photos of me on Neonsleep

One week to go, getting major separation anxiety already.

I love you Wellington.

And we will always have ex-sex


Tacky nom noms

I just received a parcel from Christine with a Pinky bar in it (that's not all it had in it, that would be creepy, just freighting each other chocolate) it was yummy, even if I do feel a bit naughty having it for breakfast. I love the packaging, it's so tacky, made me recall a convo me and Chris had not so long ago about all the tacky food that we secretly (or not so secretly) love. I think my number one weird tacky thing is the craving I get when I'm hungover, 2 minute noodles and chocolate milk. I know. Other tacky secrets include (but are not limited to):
- peanut butter and jam on toast
- Marmite & chip sandwhiches
- chips & dip
- sausage rolls
- Surimi from the supermarket (hehe "I'm so clossy right now, I'm eating crab")
- Mallow Puffs
- fish fingers
- sausage sizzles outside the Warehouse! hehe
- cheese on toast with tomato sauce

....okay I'm starting to feel gross now, like This is Why Youre Fat-ish. Hahah


Your skivvy makes me feel uncomfortable :(

Seriously what is he TALKING about?


Top 3

Amesoeurs - Amesoeurs - an almost METAL-in-some-parts (weird for me) girl band, I stole from Caro, and, of course, immediately found my way to the more mellow (and I think better :p) tracks

Van She - Strangers - I like this, it reminds me of Cut Copy....which reminds me of sweet summer lovin'...which is nice right now when it's SO FRIGGEN COLD OUTSIDE (sorry, talking about the weather = boring)

Georgia's Horse - Erzulie Dantor - sort of droney folk/Americana guitar pluckin' mellowness, Patti Smith or Beth Gibbons with a Southern drawl, if you will. (and cool album art)


Awkward Family Photos

Do you ever find yourself google image searching unspecific terms such as “dad’s 55th birthday” or “office merger party” to find really shit photos of really average people doing really boring stuff? Have you ever thought to yourself while trawling through the pages of not-what-your-looking-for search results, ‘there must be an easier way’? Well, there is. Now, on Friday afternoons when I want to email lame photos to selected office buddies / Lissy and now, you, dear blog readers, I will go to Awkward Family Photos: a comprehensive online resource for unbelievably uncomfortable photos. Genius.
Enjoy x

*DISCLAIMER: If the above, or in fact, anyone on this website is your mum or your friend or whatevs, I'm sorry. This is for humour value, not mean spiritedness. x

Sea within a Sea

I didn't think all that much of The Horrors first album, I tried to listen to it but I didn't love it at all. Then I got really bored of seeing loads of emo boys with teased black hair dressing like them. But anyway, that's not the point here. The point is I was very pleasantly surprised to hear this track from their second album Primary Colours, which was only released a couple of weeks ago. It's like my new favourite song! I've listened to a few more songs from the album and I think it sounds pretty amazing. Even if you think you don't like The Horrors, you should take the time to watch this video, it's long, but it's worth it . . .

ps if you also love it or think you could learn to love it, you can download Sea within a Sea for free here

Daydream Believer

To this day I still have childlike fantasies of living in the above bottle. I was obsessed with I Dream of Jeannie when I was small, mainly, I suspect, because she lived in a lamp. To borrow lissy's quote of the week, if "a nook is where the heart is", then my heart is in that velvety and bejewelled pink and purple paradise.
I was equally obsessed with her matching pink and purple harem pants /drapery combos (my favourite colours), her ability to blink herself into midget form and hide in small everyday objects, and then, when it all got too much, evaporate into a puff of pink smoke and hide in her lamp. That is the stuff dreams are made out of.
Images from here


The Actually Alright Lady wears Prada (?)

I found this quite interesting, considering she seems to never speak to the media at all and is known as an utter b*tch, I dunno, I kind of like her after watching that, though she could just be PUTTING ON that actually-I'm-okay demeanor for the cameras? I love this quote used to describe her - "peaches and cream, with a touch of arsenic" haha

Watch it here

Stop loving your bedroom so much <3

Following my own advice, tonight I cleaned my room until it was suitably sparkly for chilling in. But the satisfaction of a shiny room is bittersweet with the knowledge I, too, must farewell to this nookish bedroom shaped like a marae. My window looks out to the sea and the lightweight triangular roof means it's amazing for listening to the rain and howling winds on cold nights. I think you could put a photo of this room in the dictionary as a pictorial definition for "wholesome". But I have to move in a month, so my heavy dresser and desk et al must be painfully lugged down flights of stairs again. Gay. Anyway, here are some snaps of my special things in my special mini-marae....after all you always have your memories. And lissy: "nook is where the heart is" is quote of the week!!hahah! x


The wisdom of trees

“Everyone who enjoys thinks that the principal thing to the tree is the fruit, but in point of fact the principal thing to it is the seed. – Herein lies the difference between them that create and them that enjoy” - Friedrich Nietzche

“A fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees” - William Blake

“A tree’s a tree. How many more do you need to look at?” - Ronald Regan