Yellow Submarine

Do yourself a favour, if you haven’t already, and watch Yellow Submarine by The Beatles. It ticks all the boxes of attributes you want in a movie: psychedelic kaleidoscope-ish animation, a tripped-out plot, magic, puns and double entendres, British accents and, naturally, The Beatles songs. It’s amazing.


Would you read a book by this woman?

Apart from Justin Bobby, I don’t like any of the characters on The Hills. Characters probably being the wrong term given it’s a *cough* reality show. But I watch it anyway, mainly because it’s so fucking lame. Now that Lauren Conrad has left The Hills, we can all find solace in her new novel, LA Candy, which by the sounds, is essentially The Hills in book form with new names.
I love this review on nogoodforme.com so much. It’s hilarious. And just as a gushy, love-your-work aside, I also love that blog in general. One of the contributors, this “scrappy” stoner chick called Laura Jane writes the darnedest things that have me LOLing all over the place.

Here is an exert from her review of Lauren Conrad’s LA Candy:

"Lauren Conrad is not the Joseph Conrad of 2009, though L.A. Candy does use the word "frisson" twice. I wonder how she learned the word "frisson"? I guess she thesaurus.commed "thrill," or maybe Brody Jenner told her it (I don't think Brody Jenner told her it). Beyond "frisson," however, L.A. Candy is the worst-written piece of crap shit trash shit filth puke boring lame annoying garbage I've ever read in my life. On page 173, Conrad writes, "Worry marred his smooth, Asian-American face." Worry marred his smooth, Asian-American face. That sentence is so horrific, it's almost brilliant. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN ASIAN-AMERICAN FACE. "

Given my appreciations of things that are so bad they’re almost good, I think I need to read this book.


Could Not Have Put it Better Myself :)

Oh the sweet awkwardness

We/I love awkward stuff (in fact I've created my very own slightly awkward situation over the course of the weekend...but that's another story, haha) we love awkwardness so much we've even invented an abbreviation for ease of explanation of these situations in texts and emails....) "ASM" = Awkward Social Moment, so imagine my delight on discovering this actually I didn't "discover" it, a dude I met on Thursday night told me about it (we then proceeded to re-enact some ASM's, it was pretty funny)


Lets Dance

I know exactly what I'm doing tonight and it involves Pinot Noir, great friends and rad music. The best nights are often the low key ones spent at home, getting ludicrously tipsy with your girlfriends until the Dirty Dancing soundtrack comes out. You know it's been a goodie when you wake up to find your entire CD collection (the good, the bad and the ugly) scattered over the floor, ciggarette butts in teacups, lipstick marks around wine glasses and the usual drunken debris.
The older you get, the busier everyone becomes and it seems very difficult to get your closest friends together for a jolly good catch up. The wait, however, is entirely worth it when you find yourself trapsing down memory lane by way of Dr Dre and stories of epic parties in fourth form.
Friends are awesome. x

Sick eyes.

The best boys have sick eyes. I realise you can't really see Faris's eyes but you get the picture. And Justin Bobby is probably more of the sparkly-eyed ilk than crack eyed but I'm not one to miss a JB photo op. I don't think anyone will appreciate this post other than us Lissy but anyway.


Bloggers Block

Oh god I haven't blogged anything in so long I don't know if I can anymore? the pressure the pressure! have to come up with something awesome and/or witty and/or deep/ and/or super insightful and interesting.

But na.

Instead, I give you...

Awkward band photo

F*ckin babes