I’m sure every self-respecting eighties child is reeling from the shocking news of Michael Jackson’s sudden death this morning. I am. I’ll leave you with a photo from what I regard as MJ’s finest moment, his song ‘Give in to me’, a collaboration with my hero Slash, of Guns n’ Roses fame.

Rest in Peace Michael Jackson.


Blog of the day

Meet Icle and Lardee. They’re only small. Just two little teeth trying to find their way in the world. I’m an absolute sucker for everyday objects (or teeth) with basic smiley or angry faces drawn on them. A bit like pet rock, with his cute little eyes and half moon smile. You can see more of Icle and Lardee's adventures on My Milk Toof.



Play in Auckland tonight. Sigh. It’s always times like these I get this caged-in feeling and overwhelming desire to skip this town. The only thing cheering me up right now is looking down at my beyond a joke cute grey sequinned keds I got from Salvation Army yesterday for a fiver. But I digress. Deerhunter, cool. Reminds me of long trips on the central line in London and being contemplative. Spring Hall Convert is a brilliant song. I’m working tonight.
Yes, play your violins a little louder as I can’t quite hear them . . .


House Mouse

I'm posting this on the very off chance that somebody stumbles across this blog and just so happens to know somebody/somebodies looking for a flatmate in Auckland. I arrive on Saturday and I need a hoooome. Prefeeeeerably somewhere cheap and central, but central is most important, don't mind if it's a bit shabby chic, actually, would prefer that to yucky shiny apartment.

****putting out my happy successful flathunting vibes***



Rhythm & Vines

In a few weeks there will be the first line up announcement for the magical, dream-come-true festival that is Rhythm & Vines.!!!. Last night I had a drunken conversation with one of the R&V dudes, who, somehow did not let wine or my incessant nagging force him into spilling the beans on the line up. It will be good though, he says. Real good. I begged for Fever Ray and Pete Doherty. He said he'll see what he can do.
Anyway - whoever plays, it is guaranteed to be a sweeeeeet festival. Last years was mindblowing / best thing ever / the new year to end all new years etc, and I can't wait to get back and have my daily samosas, coin new stupid phrases and interview cute band boys again. I <3 R&V.

If you want cheap tickets, go here


Slash, I love you



Another clever person making clever stuff

Aren’t these cool? This guy has dug up “classic records lost in time and format” and redesigned them in a weathered Penguin book style. There are some rad album selections among them too, including a few of my favourites. You can see the rest here.

Need this:

To borrow a Rachel Zoe-ism, I DIE for this Meadowlark Protea cocktail ring from their new Eternal Garden collection. It’s not on their online store yet so I remain blissfully unaware of the financial inconvenience it will cause, but I figure given the pittance I usually spend on dirt cheap rings from diva/junk shops etc, buying one special piece would be perfectly justified. And if I didn’t have such an damning track record of waking up with one earring missing after a night out, I would definitely buy the serpent bow earrings as well. Too cute.


Where's Liss?

You might be wondering where Liss, of totally-looks-like Nicole De Boer fame, has disappeared to. She is currently stuck in Levin. Ok, not stuck, she’s willingly there at her own choice and spending valuable time with her mama, a velvety lazyboy and Brody Jenner by way of Bromance marathons until she moves to Auckland. She has no access to the internet in Levin. Not even dial up. I can’t wait till she comes back so I stop looking like a greedy little blog poster.

The Phantom

Don’t be alarmed, dear readers, this isn’t a post about Lindsay Lohan. It’s about a car. If you look beyond LiLo you will see the car I drive in my dreams with James Franco in the passenger seat: the Rolls Royce Phantom. LiLo is renting one (even she couldn’t afford $450,000 to buy one) and with that said, I swear that will be the last time I write her name on this blog. Anyway, back to The Phantom. I’m not usually one to froth over cars, but The Phantom is different. It’s badass.

Top 5 reasons why I need a phantom:

1)It’s MATTE. OMG, Swoon, etc.
2)Check out the grill, yo.
3)Guaranteed to be a total babe magnet
4)It kind of reminds me of a tank, so driving it would give my small self an immense sense of size and power.
5)It’s called The Phantom like the superhero. Therefore driving one would further reinforce false sense of power, particularly whilst playing my yet-to-be decided theme song.

Dreams are free. The end.

Snips and snails

Sugar and spice and all things nice


Give me an assignment, quick.

Back when I was a student, I was one of those square and probably quite annoying types that loved getting a new assignment (no, really), with checklists, assessment criteria and recommended readings. I also enjoyed the girly-swat satisfaction of handing in neatly bound final project to my tutor by the due date. It’s the little things. Anyway, I came across this university project on yayeveryday, and it got me dreaming about studying, particularly something that has scope for such creativity. I’m not going to, but Liss is about to start a web design course which is awfully exciting! I really like the intelligent and fitting design for this hypothetical Wes Anderson Film Festival; in fact I love the whole idea of an Anderson film festival in general. I love his movies. What was the point of this post again? Oh yeah. Studying is fun, (note moral boosting, Liss), Wes Anderson is cool and this project is neat. You can see more of it here.