Hipster Hatin'

Look at This Fucking Hipster

Aahah some of these are pretty amusing (thanks Monica)

“With this application, I pay pitchfork.com to buy the music they say I should listen to, and it all goes directly onto my iphone. It’s great. I can’t tell you how much more time I now have to tye-dye my bootlaces.”

Love him

:) and :/

- New boots! bugger the recession, I couldn't do it
- Getting rip-off version of Twighlight DVD in Bali and taking R-Patz love to the next level
- The new improved Diva on Lambton! they actually have some pretty damn awesome stuff, I only spent $30 but it took every scrap of willpower I had to not spend at least $100

- Cask wine, evil necessity of recession living
- Massage withdrawals
- Facebook quiz overload, everything in moderation yes but it's getting out of hand

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Elton John is definitely not “cool”, in fact he just might be the antithesis of cool. Tantrums and tiaras etc. But. I am really digging him at the moment! I don’t want to know about his annual bill for fresh flowers and other matters of his decadent lifestyle, but he did make some damn good tunes back in his day, I’ll give him that. Actually, there’s just two I’m currently obsessed with: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and Bennie and the Jets. I love them.

Treehouse of the Week # 4


I just learnt how to convert a word document to a PDF! This is a momentous occasion because, a) I can’t usually do stuff like that and b) it symbolises I no longer have excuses for not making a CV. See, we’re in the process of putting stuff in place for a move in the not too distant future. We’re all about exciting new shit at the moment, fresh starts, ch-ch-changes etc. The word-PDF conversion was step 1. Surely everything else will be just as easy . . .


Hi there,

We are vacationing in Bali. We've been getting massages, drinking cocktails and bintangs, swimming, eating tasty food, dancing in discotiques (?), riding motorbikes with indo babes, plus occasionally singing wet wet wet on karoke.
Therefore we are out of office and will be back, um, tomorrow.
Possibly a late for an "out of office" message.
Basically I'm just showing off. Further to this showing off, tomorrow we'll be on a plane, a motherfucking plane. We never thought we would be on a plane.


Interior Envy (of a 10 year old)

I wanna tipi in my room I wanna tipi in my room! next flat with space, it's happening

Tomorrow Tomorrow

I heart you tomorrow, you're only a daaaaaay awaaaaay

Bye bye rainy windy unemployed Welli microcosm, hello Bali and family and best friend and pools and caprioskas :)



I hope I can come up with stuff like this when I'm an ad-lady

Current 3

As I Lay in death My Son - Marissa Nadler, dreamy spooky folkness
Standing on the Shore - Empire of the Sun
(total MGMT rip offs but they're my cousins' cousins, which means I know them and we're totally taaaiight, and their music is cool, can't decide whether Standing on the Shore is aaaactually my favourite or We are the People, hmmmm.)
Ghosts - Japan, cool old skool song


Picture of the Day

Here are some giant purple rabbits driving a pink corvette chasing a mob of men wearing matching clothes down a narrow passageway. Note the malevolent exdpression worn by the bunny at the back.
“Run while you still can,” the Spaniards shrieked with fear.

Lost Boys

I love this Lost Boys photoshoot from Oyster Magazine, depicting boys being proper boys, the way they used to be; climbing trees, playing cowboys and Indians and hightailing around on bikes etc.
It reminds me of the Bat for Lashes video clip for What's a Girl to Do (see below), which I love, and MGMT-ish type boys. They're quite good too.
You can see more of the shoot by Ben Sullivan here.

:) and :/

- Mel Gibson getting dumped :)
- Caro coming home tomorrow, yayness
- Not getting Welcome Takeaways last night, tooooottally broke the cycle, it's a new era, I can feel it


- Giant moth in my room that won't go away :( :( :( I AM NOT A MOTH PERSON
- Memory loss...what did I ACTUALLY do last night??
- People spelling definitely definately, enough is enough.


animal love.

I'm not quite sure what's wrong with me. I'm feeling all gooey and soft on the inside, a bit like a creme egg. I've been looking at pictures of cute bunnies and squirrels and baby elephants etc. I even think the rotund little bird is adorable, which is unheard of for me. (?) Hmmm.


Oh god, this guy is really the pits

Go here for more baaabes


Love London

Before my return to Gisborne, where the pace of life is so slow I could almost slip into a coma, I was a frantic Londoner that had places to be, people to see and definitely no time for dawdling behind a jerk with a trolley case at Liverpool Street Station.
Everyone is in a hurry in London. People get angry if you’re standing still on the left side of the escalator, or don’t make a mad dash when the bus doors open. Leave for work – hurry. Finish work – hurry. Head for the pub – hurry.
A 10-day “Go Slow” festival is being held in London, encouraging people to take leisurely strolls across Waterloo Bridge, and basically, chill. Organisers are going to issue speeding tickets to pedestrians deemed to be in too much of a hurry.
I would love to see how those highly-strung speedy little Londoners would cope with a day on the East Coast, where traffic is about the speed of a funeral procession and people walk at snails pace. Coast time, I call it.
The moral of the story is I used to go fast and now I go slow, but I think I’d rather be going fast. I miss London terribly; the tubes, the night buses, the pubs, the gigs, the grayness even. Hence excessive picture post. Sorry, I’m feeling nostalgic.
Here are some of the good things I remember about London:

Making little French men dress up like this and act cool. Whilst listening to Joyride by Roxette.

Two for a fiver or five for a tenner at Columbia Road Flower markets.

London on a gloriously sunny day is a rarity and it rules.

Waking up to snow in my cute little Shoreditch neighbourhood

Stumbling upon random Banksy pieces whilst wandering through Primrose Hill

Going to hip parties with Lissy and Weenie and acting like utter twits.

Finding a random nerd in a Kebab shop at 3am and stealing his pink wig and making him have a photo with us.

Watching Interpol play at Astoria <3 one of the best gigs I’ve been to in my life.

Being so drunk at the Black Lips gig at Madame JoJo’s I didn’t realise that when I was taking photos of the singer, he actually had his penis out. Is this too explicit for a blog?

Dreary grey skies over my shitty council estate flat in Bethnal Green.

I miss London. The end


Treehouse of the Week # 3

Old songs that rule.

It’s always nice to be reminded of good songs you thrashed in your youth but neglected in the years of indie and electro guff that followed.
Ever since before my birthday, my iPod selections have been dominated by all things old; from the really old such as The kinks, Jimi Hendrix and T-Rex, to the sounds that remind me of my teens / student years. Etc.
Since I love making lists, I have compiled my current top 5 “recent old” songs, and top 5 “old, old” songs FYI.

Recent old:
-Metronome Arthritis, At the Drive In.
-Today, Smashing Pumpkins
-Get Money, Notorious B.I.G + Lil Kim
-Black Hole Sun, Soundgarden
-Heart Shaped Box, Nirvana

Old Old:
-Children of the Revolution, T-Rex
-Spanish Castle Magic, Jimi Hendrix
-More than a feeling, Boston
-China Girl, Iggy Pop
-Love is the drug, Roxy Music

Fomo #2



Do you find it hard to say no? If your friends are planning a night out when you’re a) broke, b) tired or c) can’t be fucked, do you still go anyway? Do you fret at the thought of others partaking in drinking festivities while you’re holed up at home or work?
Then, my friends, you may be suffering from FOMO: Fear of missing out.
Ha! Isn’t it brilliant? While I’m wary and, quite frankly, a bit concerned about my increasing acceptance of acronyms, this is one I love! Our friend Jaimee educated me on the concept of FOMO on the weekend and I think she’s got a jolly good point.
Quite regularly on a Friday night I find myself reluctantly blow-drying my hair in the mirror and downing a bottle of Sauv when, deep down, I know all I want to do is eat sour skittles and watch New Zealand’s Next Top Model. But this desperate little voice in my head says “come on now Christine! Everyone else is going! They could be talking about this night for years!.” And so on. And so I go out. And by the end of the night I realise I would have missed out on very little had I stayed home.
FOMO is responsible for the messy areas in my life, eg, finance, weight and lack of willpower. FOMO is why I forfeited overtime on Thursday night in order to drink wine + talk shit with my girlfriends. I can’t miss out, after all.
I realise I’m offering no solution to this FOMO conundrum, but now I’m fully aware of this tragic motivating factor for going out, perhaps I might learn to keep a lid on it and spare myself the cash and calories on occasion. Right? Right.
Ps: The picture? It doesn’t relate whatsoever, I know. But it’s a black man wearing fluffy trousers, raging to a boombox whilst riding a dolphin. Why not.

3rd :) and :/ of the day

- Lamp light, I just feel way damn cooler sitting in my room with a lamp on than not
- My family banding together to help out the little flailing unemployed recession victim family member (me) thank god for family <3 at least we always have that.
- Beer, I actually think it's surpassed my love for wine?! I can't get enough of it, I was a bit of a late bloomer with the beer lovin thing but those blokes have really been on to something.

- Snobbish behavior - seriously, it's just way cooler to be nice :)
- Consistently atrocious pictures of me on a certain website! I swear that lense has an ugly-ifier filter on it....or actually perhaps the wine fulfills that role all on it's own and I should just take some responsibility
- My sister living in Bangkok right now, stop it with the political unrest already!!! :( :(


:D and : / vol 3.

-Fresh starts; be it a new house, a new job or just a new outlook on life. This can only be a good thing. Bring on the house move this weekend.

-Selling stuff on Trademe! Really! Extra income from stuff you don’t even want / need / give a shit about. There will always be some willing scenster that will pay $40 for a leather bustier you picked up for $2.

-Rest In Peace purple nail polish. Possibly the most bang on colour we have discovered for sometime. It’s in a bottle shaped like a coffin, and, technically, is for the purpose of ghoulish type costumes. But we’re rolling with it as everyday wear. We <3 it.

: /

-Small time frames in which massive amounts of work / life logistics must be achieved. For example, numerous stories, a 12-page career feature, meetings, house moving, bali preparation etc. All in one week. Some intense time management will be required.

-School holidays. Loud, obnoxious, excessively confident teens congregating in packs outside Wendys and other cheap food outlets, all day, everyday, for the next two weeks. Groan.

-Lady Gaga and everything she stands for – appallingly bad music (poker face?!) surpassed only by the most hideous sartorial sense I have ever witnessed.

:) and :/


- Cosy warm fuzzy feelings you only get in winter time after a hot shower and clean trackies and a heater, yum
- Dealing with my age paranoia by reminding myself that there are always people OLDER THAN ME, yay!
- E channel (reminds me that there are always people more insane than me)

- Fashion TV, FAST TRACK to self esteem suicide
- People that make icky snuffy breathey noises while they're eating (extra ick-points if they try to hold a conversation with you at the same time)
- People describing themselves as "a bit nutz" or something to similar effect on "about me's" chances are, you're not. (you're probably not kooky, quirky or krazzzzzy either)

Facebook is a weirdo



As my 25th birthday fast approaches (okay it's still another 3 months away but it's good to be organised) have been thinking what to do! there's a) not have any kind of party at all incase nobody turns up and I feel sad and looserish b) go out for dinner with a few close friends (cop out) orrrr c) go all out and attempt a big themed birthday bash! I think I'm going to attempt it, if not many people turn up then meh whatever, I know I'll have my most favourites there :) as turning 25 is making me feel VERY OLD I thought I'd soften the blow by having a kids birthday party theme complete with pass-the-parcel, fairycakes and balloons! isn't that an awesome plan? well I thought so. I will have 2 black people there too, it's gonna be great. and we'll drink vodka and fanta! oh I can't wait.

Slow Mo Pecs

Another awesome Youtube video thanks to Abby

Picture Post

I have had these images stored away on my computer for a rainy day. There is no theme, no reason, no purpose for this post. I just think these photos are, in the words of Kanye, dope. haha.